Jade Ninja is an Japanese-style arcade/action genre game.

“Don’t Run. Protect.”

Ninjas, must endure what others can not. To protect the beloved one, we choose to join Jade Ninja.

When you become a Jade Ninja, will you protect her at all costs?

  • Japanese-style Stage Settings: Fighting on the Japanese tile roof, desolate battlefield and abandoned temple.
  • Distinctive Characters: Protect Ninja Girl, Samurai Girl, Witch, Assassin & Thief from attacking enemies.
  • Various Opponents: 30+ types of enemy including ninja, bandit, swordsman, monk, ghost, skeleton shogun, red oni and a lot more.
  • Armed with Ninja Weapons: Performing a balancing act on the choice between Katana, Blade & Spear.
  • Unleash Ninja Powers: 5 types of powerful scroll help you annihilate enemies.
  • Collect Mystic Jades: 5 unlockable jades to gain extra Ninja Abilities.
  • Shadow Mode: Challenging levels for players who want to be a Jade Ninja Master.
  • Boss Battles: Bosses are coming! Can you defeat them?

Feel the thrill of slashing enemies as blisteringly as a hot knife through butter!


Supported Languages:

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese


Original Sound Tracks:

Listen all Jade Ninja music online at SoundCloud.



Jade Ninja has been featured on App Store including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore & 10+ countries on Oct. 3!


Jade Ninja has been featured as “Made in Taiwan Games” on App Store! It’s a great honor for us!


Tech in Asia: Top 10 Innovative New Apps Made in Taiwan

Jade Ninja is a ninja-themed game for iOS. Your objective is to slash your enemies using the right kind of weapon while protecting the ninja girl from enemy attack. Personally I really love the graphic design, and the cool characters and weapons that are featured in the game.

INSIDE: カジュアルコネクトアジア2013


Game Dev Finder: Protect and slash with Taiwan’s Jade Ninja

What sets the game apart from other slashers like Fruit Ninja is that it’s more like a real ninja game, where you slice opponents rather than fruits.

App情報誌 (Taiwanese App Magazine): Interview on Monkey Potion & Jade Ninja




Released features and scheduled features in the next update:

  • v2.3 [current version]
    • FREE GOLDS giveaway for our loyal fans :)
    • Minor bugs fixed
  • v2.2
    • iCloud game save sync: iCloud will backup game save via network and can be sync on your iPhones & iPads
  • v2.1
    • Daily Challenge Mode
    • New character: The Great Warlord
    • New purchasable and upgradable items
    • New “Starter Kit” purchasable item
  • v2.0
    • A valuable gift for paid users
    • New storyline
    • New background music
    • New character: The Legendary Thief
    • New powerful jades
    • Boss battles
    • Simplified Chinese Localization
    • Universal (iPhone/iPad) support
  • v1.4
    • New Stages: Monster Forest & Demon Abyss.
    • New Enemies: 9 new enemies including Onmyouji, Raccoon, Kamaitachi, Kappa, Evil Wheel, Daruma, Karakasa, Little Oni, Blue Oni.
    • Combo effects for the protected characters.
    • Various bug fixes and performance tuning.
    • iPhone 4″ wide screen support.
    • Right-handed & Left-handed settings.
    • Innocent people are harder to be hurt accidentally.

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Press Kit

The Press Kit includes game logo, icon, description, screenshots, posters and company logo for your convenience.

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We are Monkey Potion, an independent game studio in Taiwan. We’re focusing on creating high quality games in mobile platforms. We make games we love to play.

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